Substance Abuse IOP, PHP, & RTC

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With our access to up-to-date technology & our knowledge on behavioral health billing we can help:

  • Verify benefits and estimated patient responsibilities so you don’t have to chase your money out the back door
  • Identify UR Concerns and assist your UR Team and providers in the best routes to obtain authorizations for specific Insurance Companies

Let go of worrying if claims have been submitted AND if they were received by insurance companies

  • We will track each claim to ensure the insurance companies have accepted your claims!
  • If a claim is rejected, your billing team will identify that issue and work to get it resubmitted and processing for your payment!
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Stop Stressing about whether you have been paid and if you are being paid correctly

  • We will track the payments insurances send you and help to ensure you actually receive them!
  • With our large client base, we have a good idea of how much you really should be getting paid! Let us help you find out where you may be missing revenue and increase your payments.
  • We are well versed in billing for Individual Psychotherapy, Marriage Counseling, Group Therapy, Medication Evaluations and Management, Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient IOP, Partial Hospitalization PHP, and Residential RTC at both the Provider and Facility Levels.
  • Our team of dedicated billers are always watching for trends and changing insurance policies. We keep our Providers up to date so you aren’t having to carve out time to read every Insurance Update and Article they send you! We will weed out what is not important to your practice and keep you informed on what you need to know.
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We deal with unpaid or underpaid claims 

  • Your billing team will be tracking unpaid and underpaid claims for you every month and provide you with feedback on anything outstanding.
  • Let us fight with the insurance companies for your money so you can focus on taking care of your clients.

Patient Balances?  We have your back here!

  • Your billing team will track patient balances and keep you and your front office informed.
  • Questions about patient balances can muddy patient-provider relationships and inhibit what you as a Provider are trying to accomplish. Let us help explain these balances compassionately and correctly to get them cleared up for you!

Hire a Professional Team

Substance Abuse IOP, PHP, and RTC billing requires a skilled biller who understands the different insurance plans and policies.

The Billing Team at Integrity Medical Billing Services can help ease your billing concerns and get you paid for correctly! We are not just billers – we are your revenue cycle team. Reach out to us to see how you can start seeing Higher Collections and Lower Rejections.