Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be able to help with patient collections?

YES! We can check with the insurance company and get an estimated amount the patient will owe for their visit. If the insurance ends up processing differently than the benefits estimate predicted, we will let you know the difference. Your biller will help track any patient balances due or overpayments!

If I sign up with you, do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No! Give us a call and let’s discuss why we don’t need to hold our providers hostage with contracts for our services!

Will my biller be able to help me understand what codes I am supposed to be using?
Yes! If you are not understanding the CPT codes you are billing, we can help! Our billers have a strong understanding of CPT, HCPCs, and ICD-10 codes. We can help advise on common codes used in your field and when to report them for certain services!
Will I be able to see what is going on with my billing?
Yes! We aim to stay as transparent as possible for all our providers. If you are needing certain information, let us know and we can tailor our billing process to fit your needs.  
I am happy with my current EHR, do I have to switch?
No. We understand changing your EHR system can be a daunting thought. If you are happy with what you are using, we can work with you to gather the information we need for billing from your current EHR. Your biller will submit claims and track balances for you out of your practice management system, which we will set up for you!
I need a new EHR, do you have any recommendations?
Sure! If you need help or suggestions, we can give insight or help research different options that will fit your practice’s needs and keep costs down!
Do you report to collections agencies for delinquent balances?
Absolutely! We strive to collect every penny you are owed. Occasionally, patients will skip out on a bill they owe to you. We can help you update your intake paperwork and team you up with a collection agency to help us go after delinquent balances.